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ABC Simple LLC is a dynamic estate sale liquidation company that provides comprehensive Estate Sale Liquidation Solutions for any circumstances scenario.

Unless you and your relatives are avowed minimalists, there may come a time when you’ll have to get rid of a whole household of goods. It might be that your elderly parent is downsizing, or you decided to ditch the house and yard and move to Tibet. Or a death in the family might mean you have to both execute someone’s wishes and get rid of their stuff. The process can be overwhelming, but we are professionals who can help you organize an estate sale and sell all these items efficiently. For others – it’s side business for Us – our Work is a Profession.

We specialize in business and estate sales and liquidation throughout San Diego County, Orange County and the Los Angeles area. We are locally based in North County San Diego (Carlsbad, CA and Oceanside, CA) and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service throughout the area. We pride ourselves on using the latest in technology and social media to provide both clients and customers the most seamless selling & shopping experience.

Our Services

Our friendly local estate sale experts guide you through a truly simplified process of selling everything. We pride ourselves on using the latest in technology and social media to advertise your sale to a large customer base while providing both clients and customers with the most seamless selling and shopping experience.

Estate Liquidation

Our experienced professionals are committed to getting you the most value for your assets. We’ll help you to liquidate your estate or business converting assets into cash on short notice. If you are in a hurry to sell your estate or business assets, the ABC Simple team will offer your the Best Buy-out option for your property.

Moving & Downsizing

Moving & Downsizing can be an emotional time. We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on your needs, handle sentimental items, and price collectibles. We take the burden of planning, staging, promoting, and running a successful estate sale off your shoulders.
From the way we plan, price, stage, and conduct the estate sale to the results we will achieve on your behalf, you simply couldn’t choose a better partner than ABC Simple.

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Explore the wide variety of items we offer from antique to modern (contemporary), whether you are a collector or a vintage enthusiast, shopaholic or fashionista we are sure you will find something you like. Different types of antiques and collectibles, unique and rare, gifts and everyday’s things, luxury and fashion items to look through priced below the market to turn the inventory around quick. Everything for anyone: Women, Men, Kids, Home, Office, Electronics, Pets, Beauty & Wellness

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